Caching in SW Ontario

This page will be dedicated to geo-caching.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Geo-Caching Resources

Resources for Geo-Caching
This list will be continually updated. You will spend most of your time here looking up listed caches and other valuable resources.

Getting Started

To actually get started finding a cache you'll need a GPSr or know someone who does. These first set of links are good for researching different GPSr models. They are also good for purchasing a GPSr as well. Even if you already have a GPSr they have loads of accessories for all makes and models.

GPSr Info
GPS Information
Tons and tons of in depth reviews for almost any type of GPSr, accessory, map pack, software. Great for doing research on what type of model or accessory you might be interested in.

Canadian Online Distributors
GPS City
GPS Central <----My favourite out of the 2.
You can purchase anything from GPSr, accessories, map packs etc. These are the 2 best ones Ive found so far.


The following are some tools that you may choose to use. Once you have located a cache in your area at some of these tools may make your trip a bit more comfortable or to transfer information from your GPSr to and from your computer.

Online Maps
Google Maps
Map Quest
Yahoo Maps
GMap Pedometer
The Pedometer is really neat. Very much like Google Maps but allows you to plot a course by hand instead of inputting a start and finish location and tells you distance from start of course to finish. Good for planning caching routes.

Easy GPS
An awsome program for uploading/downloading data to/from your GPSr.

What is it?

I have decided to dedicate this page to Geo-Caching and related topics.
You may be wondering.
What is Geo-Caching?
To sum it up its almost like a high tech scavenger hunt. Go to here to learn more in greater detail. You are able to see some pictures I have taken while Geo-Caching here. I will be plugging away at this from time to time.